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The Sopes, a traditional Mexican recipe

This dish is considered a delicacy for Mexican families and represents a part of the exquisite culture that defines Mexico. It’s a traditional recipe from the Center and South of Mexico, which over the years has been passed from generation to generation. Besides pozole, tamales and enchiladas (also very popular dishes of Mexican culture), sopes have spread throughout Mexico; you can usually find these snacks in small stalls in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

This delicious snack is typically eaten with the hands. In some Mexican states you can find sopes made with different ingredients, like nopales (cactus) and chipotle.

Craving sopes in your hometown? Here is the traditional recipe:


Handmade sopes
1 ½ cup of refried beans
2 cups of beef or chicken already prepared
½ cup of sour cream
¾ cup grated cheese
1 sliced avocado
Tomato sauce

In a pan, fry the sopes.
Add the fried beans, and the chicken or beef -depending on your preference.
Put the sour cream and the grated cheese on top.
Finally, serve with avocado and tomato sauce.

Bon appetite!

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