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The aromas and flavors of Christmas

Traditional mexican rosemary with mole sauce and dried shrimps also called "romeritos" on wooden background

Special collaboration of Executive Chef Isaac Esparza and chef David Bernal

The smell of cinnamon and chocolate, a good punch, a freshly baked turkey, a delicious fruit cake, or an exquisite pasta are some aromas and flavors that indicate that Christmas is getting closer and closer, and even many of them bring a certain nostalgia because they also remind us of our childhood in each bite.

We believe this season is about embracing these memories, smiling, and enjoying our beloved ones. That is why Isaac Esparza, Executive Chef at Casa Velas, shares this recipe with you today and tells you why it is so special.

Post-Christmas ‘romeritos’ tacos

“The story behind this recipe is that on some Christmases my family and I visited my aunt Carmen who lives in Cancun. She is a splendid cook, it’s in her blood since we inherited it from my grandmother.

My family used to celebrate Christmas in Mexico City since my grandmother lives there, but every 4 or 5 years we celebrated Christmas and New Years’ Eve in Cancun, where two of my aunts live. One of them loves to cook and always delights us with her dishes (even if it’s Christmas or not), but especially on this date, it is very common for families to gather and each one brings something to eat.

My aunt always cooked this recipe of ‘romeritos’ (seepweed leaves) with mole and shrimp. Something funny is that both she and I ate something different since we loved to try this dish one or two days after Christmas. It’s not a great secret that many dishes taste better when reheated and this is one of them; for us, it was a delight to taste the post-Christmas ‘romeritos’, especially with some reheated tortillas on the ‘comal’, I still close my eyes and I can remember the smell of the reheated tortillas beginning to brown, and the ‘romeritos’ at their boiling point ready to go into the tortilla. I just imagine it and I start to salivate!

I hope you like this recipe; it is very simple apparently, but the secret is actually in the mole.”



Fruit cake

David Bernal, chef at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, shares with you this exquisite fruit cake recipe, a traditional one from the Christmas season and that cannot be missing from your dessert menu for Christmas dinner. Enjoy it!



Bon appétit!

Do you have a favorite aroma or flavor that reminds you of your childhood at Christmas? Tell us in the comments…

And Happy Holidays!

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