Puerto Vallarta Food Tours Immerse Diners in Mexican Tradition " />

Puerto Vallarta Food Tours Immerse Diners in Mexican Tradition

Seasoned travelers know that if you really want to get to know a place, you have to sink your teeth into it. Literally, as in take one of the deliciously authentic, “local only” tasting treks offered by the dedicated foodies at Vallarta Food Tours.

Puerto Vallarta Food Tours

Mouthwatering Memories Await on Puerto Vallarta Food Tours





You haven’t really been somewhere until you’ve sampled the food – and a lot of it. Since the dawn of time, the table has been a place of cultural exchange, where we come to share and delight in life’s many flavors. The difficult thing about finding authentic dining options in today’s world is that so many are overshadowed by glitz and glamour. That’s where the guides at Vallarta Food Tours come in, offering a carefully planned selection of tasty treks designed to immerse curious foodies in a world of Vallarta-Nayarit Mexican food they might not otherwise find.

“Become a Local in 3 Hours”

This is the motto at the heart of the famed tour group. They want each guest to walk away feeling like a local, with a nose for traditional dishes and a passionate understanding as to why UNESCO deemed Mexican cuisine an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” of the world. Along the way, you’ll feast on inside knowledge of PV’s iconic sights, giving you the confidence to explore the city’s culinary secrets on your own.

“Local Food. Local Places. Local People.”

No matter which tour you choose, one thing is for sure – it’s all about PV. Here’s a quick taste of what they offer:

The Original Downtown Tour

  • The Original Downtown Tour (Daily) – Nine tastings from Old Town and Centro to the Malecón. Highlights include El Güero’s famous ceviche, Cesar’s Coconut Stand, and stuffed jalapeño tacos at Cisneros.

Tacos, The Street, Puerto Vallarta

  • The Street (Thursday-Tuesday) – Catering to night owls, this tour comes to life when the city does, serving up eight streetside tastings, such as La Tia’s juicy Marlin Tacos, legendary Tacos al Pastor, pozole, and fresh-fried churros.

Mex-ology, tequila, margarita, puerto vallarta

  • Mex-ology (Wed, Thurs, Sat) – This tour’s all about our national spirit – Tequila! Of course, it’s Mezcal and Raicilla cousins are along for the ride, as is the beer cocktail, Michelada. There are even a few food stops to pad your belly for more.

Ceviche in Puerto Vallarta, Taste of Pitillal

  • Taste of Pitillal (Wed, Thurs, Sat) – Venture off the beaten path for an untainted taste of Mexican tradition in this quiet neighborhood. Prepare for the best tamales and popsicles of your life.
Puerto Vallarta Food Tours

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