Puerto Vallarta Ceviche and Aguachile Market " />

Puerto Vallarta Ceviche and Aguachile Market

Serving Puerto Vallarta on a plate – rather, a tostada – the weekly Ceviche and Aguachile Market at Los Muertos Pier presents the city’s best riffs on everyone’s favorite seafood refresher, featuring 5+ restaurants every Tuesday all year, 12-6pm.

Savor the Bay at Puerto Vallarta Ceviche Market

Ceviche and Aguachile Market


Tuesdays, 12-6pm


Cuates y Cuetes

Los Muertos Pier & the Malecón

Few dishes embody the flavor of PV quite like a tostada topped with tangy ceviche. Whether you love the cool play of fresh-caught fish marinated in citrus or have never tried it before, the Tianguis del Ceviche y Aguachile (Ceviche & Aguachile Market) every Tuesday near Los Muertos Pier is sure to satisfy.

What are Ceviche and Aguachile Exactly?

Basically, the backbone of both dishes is super fresh seafood briefly soaked in citrus juice, be it lime, lemon, bitter orange, grapefruit, or a blend of all of the above. As for protein, anything is possible – shrimp, tuna, octopus, marlin, mackerel, scallops – mixed with any number of extra ingredients or sauces. Here in Mexico, we love the addition of cilantro, onion, tomato, peppers, even mango, sometimes tossed in a red or green salsa. What sets aguachile apart is the fact that the shrimp is served near raw and the sauce (literally translated as “chile water”) is quite spicy.

How to Eat It

Ceviche and Aguachile Market

Any way you want! Traditionally, chefs often smear a thin layer of mayonnaise or avocado on a tostada, top with ceviche, slices of avocado, and perhaps some hot sauce. This varies based on taste, as well as the type of ceviche. For example, Peruvian-style preparations are often served on a plate like sashimi, swimming in sauce, with sliced sweet potato on the side. Many Mexican ceviche chefs also offer to have your order placed in a cup (topped with Clamato, if you like), making it easy to eat with a spoon or drink if you’re on the go.

Who’s at the Market?

Local PV eateries serving their mouthwatering riffs on the classic dish include:

  • Tuna Azul (their Red Octopus Ceviche is not to be missed)
  • Dénis Marina Seafood
  • Cuates y Cuetes
  • Vallarta Tropical

  • El Buen Gusto

  • Taco Mundo

  • Danimar


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