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Food and legends

Food is the bearer of stories and anecdotes that come to life in every bite. Mexican gastronomy is full of these stories jealousy preserved by its people, and when they are combined with the culture and legacy of this land, new experiences arise and remain in your mind forever.

This is the inspiration of “Storytelling Dinners”, a culinary concept that cherishes the traditional dishes of Nayarit and Jalisco paired with the legends of the Wixárika or Huichol culture of this region.

So, to live this experience first hand we met at Colectika art gallery in downtown Puerto Vallarta and it was there that we became witnesses of the flavors that emerged from the cuisine of chef Alejandro Goche of Casa Velas, while admiring the pieces of Huichol art on display. We heard the beautiful legends and amazing anecdotes of Mexican ancestors and took part of a fantastic activity to put our artistic skills to test, brush in hand, to explore some painting techniques.

The experience continued the day after at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, there we were led through the dreamy cosmogony of Huichol people, presenting some of the most emblematic dishes of this region, like pescado zarandeado served with blue corn tortillas while Chef Guillaume Morance filled the night air with stories of its origin and the meaning of its name, which alludes to the preparation of the dish before it is cooked in mangrove wood. The soirée went smoothly while a craftsman created fascinating pieces that embraced stories in themselves, and we were surprised with every dish chose. For dessert, a creamy coconut tart with mango-jackfruit gelato –fruits carry an important symbolism for Huichol people and coconut is found abundantly in the regions they are settled in.

We made a stop by the Spa to get a Cora (Huichol) massage. The experience was so restoring; an authentic ritual with the sound of natural instruments and the use of warm ginger oil, which restores emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

More about the Huichol people:

Respectful of their environment and mostly nomads, the Huichol people integrate to their diet the fruits, herbs and vegetables found through their way across hundreds of kilometers from Durango, Nayarit, Jalisco or Zacatecas, to reach their ceremonial center located in Real de Catorce, a magical town of San Luis Potosí. Potatoes, corn, beans, chilis, maguey flowers, as well as fish and seafood are ingredients part of their gastronomy, part of the intangible heritage of humanity that Mexico brings to the world.

by Nayeli and Karina – passionate travelers.

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