Authentic Mexican Food in Puerto Vallarta is Everywhere You Turn " />

Finding the Best Mexican Food in Puerto Vallarta

Few things reveal the nature of a place and character of a people quite like food, & the only way to get a true taste is by eating like the locals. It can be difficult to know what’s best, though, so here’s a brief list of our favorite spots in PV.

As is the case in most cities, if you want to eat like a PV local you need to look beyond the bright signs and tourist attractions, turning your attention to where people who live here are dining, what they’re ordering, and how they eat it. Not only will you find flavors you’ll never forget, you’re sure to savor a taste of Mexican culture you might not otherwise have found. It’s shocking how much food reveals about our Riviera home, while uniting people from near and far around a table of grilled fish tacos, crispy carne asada quesadillas, lime-roasted octopus, zesty ceviche, & spicy fresh salsas. For some of the most authentic dining in Puerto Vallarta, check out these “secret” local favorites:

Tacon de Marlin

Francisco Medina Ascencio 8106

Located right outside the airport, this is the perfect place to bookend your vacation with the flavor of PV. Although featured in Bon Appétit magazine, their heaping flour tortilla tacos stuffed with grilled marlin and / or shrimp remain a relatively hidden delight for travelers in the know.

El Coleguita Marina

Calle Popa S/N Local 17

Free tequila and staggering platters of fresh-caught seafood make this place a real hit.

Sea-Fresh Ceviche

One of the most iconic dishes in Puerto Vallarta is ceviche: fish, shrimp, or other seafood cured in citrus, mixed with tomato, onion, cilantro, and served with corn tostadas (locals smear them with mayonnaise). Two of the best to try include the artful offerings at Cevicheria Juan Tiburon (Viena 309), and traditional fish at Cevicheria El Güero (Francisco I. Madero #291).

Fear Not Food Carts

For the tastiest chicken, carne asada, carnitas, and al pastor tacos and quesadillas of your life, simply look for the most crowded food carts across town. You won’t find a better bite at a better value in all of PV.

Authentic Mexican Food in Puerto Vallarta is Everywhere You Turn

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