The Riviera Nayarit Wind Festival Kiteboarding Competition " />

Kiteboard Masters Soar in the Riviera Nayarit Wind Festival

One of the most rapidly growing water sports in the world is a common sight here in Puerto Vallarta. Kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) has quickly spread off the shores of beaches around the world since emerging as an accessible extreme sport in the late 1990s. In the last 20 years, enthusiasts and curious novices have flocked to the ideal waters and winds of Banderas Bay, whether to practice, learn the sport, or compete in events like the Riviera Nayarit Festival del Viento 2016.

What is Kitesurfing Exactly?

You’ve probably seen them: high-flying riders catching waves and soaring through the sky in jaw-dropping aerial displays, not far off the coast. Chances are they’re kitesurfing. To achieve such feats, athletes strap their feet to a kiteboard, don a harness attached to a control bar, and take to the water. How high can they actually fly? Try over 60 feet, with top speeds of up to 60 miles per hour!

About the Competition

Best viewed from the nearby beaches of south Bucerías, onlookers are welcome to watch all the action absolutely free of charge. A total of 200+ kitesurfers from across Mexico and around the world are expected to attend, competing in “downwind” speed races, distance races, as well as everyone’s favorite “Big Air” category. So pack a picnic, dig your toes in the sand, and get ready to be entertained.

The Riviera Nayarit Wind Festival Kiteboarding Competition

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