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International Film Festival of Puerto Vallarta 2016


Today I will address one of my favorite topics: films. One of the seven fine arts that can actually take you on a roller coaster of emotions: from deep sob, to extremely excitement, to getting angry, to feeling afraid, to being extremely happy.

Talking about films, Mexico has been in the glare of world’s media due to the fact that actors, film directors and photographers have demonstrated their talent, putting up the name of the country, and Puerto Vallarta has been repeatedly the chosen backdrop of many movies; so it is a deserving host of the FICPV (International Film Festival of Puerto Vallarta).

This event is organized by The Coastal Universitary Center (CUCosta), and will be celebrated from 7th to 18th of March, with Switzerland as honorary invited country. More than 15 films were selected to be shown during the 16th edition of the festival and even when full detailed program has not yet been published, there are some confirmed events:

The opening ceremony, March 9th, is scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. with the movie: “Mr. Pig”, the third film directed by Mexican actor/ film director, Diego Luna. The movie starred by Danny Glover, Maya Rudolph, José María Yazpik and Angelica Aragon, was filmed in Puerto Vallarta with the main intention of giving tourism propaganda to this colorful city. Program continues with a selection of short films from Cork Film Festival, Ireland and a series of conferences.

Some films will be projected at no cost, at the most popular outdoor spots: Open Theater Aquiles Serdan (The Arches, on the boardwalk, or ‘Malecon’), Lazaro Cardenas square, River Cuale island, the Office of Cultural Projects (OPC) and CUCosta, among others.

We look forward to receiving more information on regards of the 16th edition of FICPV, meanwhile, visitors aiming to attend the event can find more information through CUCosta’s Facebook page:

Festival Internacional de Cine 2016 en Puerto Vallarta

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