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Jorge Miguel Hernández Vargas: BELL BOY

Bell Boy

How long have you work at Casa Velas? 5 years
What do you do at this beautiful hotel?
I provide service to guests and fellow employees.
What motivates you to do your job well day after day?
My family, and the environment I enjoy while working.
What are the main points you pay attention to when interacting with guests?
I am very aware of maintaining a level of respect, friendliness and courtesy.
Can you share with us an anecdote of an experience with a guest?
On one occasion a guest left his iPhone in a taxi. I worked very hard to retrieve it, although it was a lengthy process. The guest was delighted with me, and I was very happy to have been able to help.
What hotel activity would you recommend to your next guest? Is there something that can’t be missed?
I would recommend a Spa ritual and a romantic dinner at our ocean club. These are things that the guest will remember forever.
What is it that sets Casa Velas apart from other hotels?
I think our personalized service makes a true difference. The staff here is a key part of the guest’s experience and we are continuously educated to provide exceptional service.

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