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Oscars 2020: Artists we would love to receive in Vallarta

After the 92nd Academy Awards, we committed to bring together some of the artists that definitely deserve to take a rest after the great work they’ve done. We would love to see them walking around the streets of Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit!  

Billie Eilish

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Although she was not nominated, the 18-year-old composer and singer stole the red carpet’s show and has done a great job during 2019. Also, after seeing her reaction during the awards, we are sure her viral reaction will change after a relaxing getaway to our beautiful beaches. 

Joaquin Phoenix

Certainly, many of us in Vallarta were amazed by Joker. Can you imagine the jokermania that we would have if we find out that he’s coming to visit us? Everybody will get into Joker’s makeup on the streets. Meanwhile, the actor will surely stay at a resort drinking a margarita.

Bon Joon-ho and Parasite’s crew

Bon Joon-ho, the Director everyone is talking about, and his cast did an extraordinary job: Parasite won the main statuettes this year. Also, the crew gave some of the best emotional acceptance speeches ever. So we wait for them with our arms wide open in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.


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