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Friluftsliv: A philosophy to connect with the outdoor life

Outdoor activities turn out to be very relaxing and fun, but how do you apply such a simple idea for a big change in your lifestyle?

Friluftsliv —pronounced free·loofs·leaf— is a whole philosophy of life originating in Norway, and means “outdoor life”, beyond doing outdoor activities it is about relaxing, observing, and enjoying every sensation that nature transmits. Whether it is going for a bike ride, exploring a forest, camping, having a picnic, or swimming in a lake, the current objective of this ideology is to disconnect from the routine and start to include a moment among nature in the day-to-day routine.

Although in Norway it is a tradition deeply rooted in its culture, due to the small population and the extensive territory to be explored, for many years Scandinavians have carried out outdoor activities to enjoy the spectacular natural landscapes.

How could you include it in your life?

It is not necessary to go very far —of course, if you go on a trip, do not hesitate to explore the flora and fauna of the place— but even sunbathe for a few minutes in your garden, go out to the nearest park with your dog, go to work by bicycle… small activities that allow us to have a different perspective even of the city where you live.

Like hygge, the Danish philosophy of life to live well, friluftsliv brings great physical and mental benefits:

Exercising for a few more minutes

Take a moment of the day to go for a walk and observe the small or large details of nature in your area. Taking a morning run as a routine will help your cardiovascular system, but have you stopped for a minute to observe the landscape?

On the other hand, you can clear your mind with a bike ride, discover other paths and connect with the present.

Take a deep breath

Some outdoor exercises allow you to refresh your thoughts and better oxygenate each part of your body, making your breathing conscious to activate your energy. Of course, if you practice yoga or meditation —even if you are a toddler in these disciplines— doing it in the sunlight and among the vegetation makes you connect with yourself differently.

Reasons to travel

If you are a Travel Junkie, the wonderful spots that nature gives us around the world have great value and much more so if you can connect with the aromas and sounds of the place you visit. Applying the friluftsliv philosophy on your next trip will surely make you remember this adventure forever. Take advantage of the activities offered by destinations, such as walking in the jungle, swimming in the sea, skiing… Let yourself be hugged by nature!

Digital detox

As you start to get out of the routine a bit and to get even closer to nature, the technology here is out for a moment. You will open your senses beyond the screen of your cell phone, you will focus better on every detail and you will be more open to connecting with the people who accompany you. A great time to detox from the digital world.


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